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The irony of my last journal entry of 2021!

I’ve been breaking my Facebook addiction for a little over 2 weeks now. It was not intentional but rather a force of a higher power. just like I have done (almost) every day for almost 14 years, I got my first mug of coffee and sat down to check what had happened overnight with the world.

That’s when I learned that someone had hacked my account overnight

They changed the email associated with my profile to theirs, so any attempts to change the password are in vain. Shame on me for not setting up two factor verification. but I did not trust Facebook with my phone number so here I am. 🤦‍♀️

Yes! I have learned many big lessons from this mess. no. Facebook never helped me. This is upsetting and disappointing on so many levels. I do not trust the platform. Their recovery is archaic.

No, I will not be creating a new profile. At this point, I have lost what is most precious to me….the daily memories and ALL of what I did for awareness for the past few years. 😐. I no longer have access to the Facebook page, because my profile controls it.

Prior to this, On January 1st, I had announced my intentions after realizing the level of awareness I was trying to spread, was actually not good for me.

So I’m trying to find that sweet spot. Still making some noise, but blending in a better balance of the things that also inspire me – and hopefully you.

Gosh, do I miss not being able to keep up with friends and family on that platform. Please do reach out via email or text to connect…if Instagram isn’t your thing! (ETA: I made it a few more days and created a new profile 😌)

Happy New Year!