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What’s the significance of the shoes in the logo?

There’s been a few changes to the design of the logo since I started journaling our journey. Originally, my Page on Facebook was named “Emmy & Me: a journey with POTS” but I decided that I wanted this endeavor to be about the journey and not imply that it was just about Emmy and Me.

When I looked for a domain to create this blog back in May, I could not believe that “a journey with POTS” wasn’t taken so I grabbed it and here we are!😱

Last summer, I discovered these shoes while on Canva creating a new design and I was hooked.

I knew that I wanted the logo to give a subtle nod to Emmy and what we are all going through walking alongside her.

Never a “girlie-girl”….When she was in middle school and high school, we had piles of Van’s, Sperry’s, and other shoes like this laying around the house.

She was born in November of 1995 – so that was a no brainer. And, how perfect to visually give a nod to them to say “walk a mile in their shoes”

This is the original logo. While there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just wanted to convey “the journey” and not necessarily just about “Our journey”

My vision is to openly share our journey so that other’s don’t feel alone. Just observing the way that she is treated, and dismissed by the medical field and the government is concerning as a mother. I fear what this can mean for her when we are no longer breathing and here to help her

I wake up every single day with these conditions on my mind, and it’s the last thing that I think about when I go to bed. We need SO MUCH awareness about these conditions!

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