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A new space for our spoonie coming soon!

We just returned from a quick getaway to New England to meet-up with our son and his wife. We walked around Sleepy Hollow, visited a few pubs and taverns, and also the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where the author of “The Headless Horseman” is buried. I really love visiting New England in the Fall. There is nothing more breathtaking than a sunset somewhere on the coast, the gorgeous colors of fall and the quaint church steeples stretching up above the foliage.

Walking around the cemetery we noticed this tree. It has been there for probably a century or more, and the roots were up close to the surface. I could not help but admire the size of the roots on this tree, as they were each the size of a mature tree!

When the weather begins to change, my thoughts begin to turn toward projects that can be done indoors.

Because of her conditions, Emmy has a very difficult time with the stairs and only does them no more than twice a week, for the most part. We only use the first floor of our home, and I’ve been wanting to just make the 2nd level their own “apartment”.

Now that the last of our summer visitors have left, I am going to convert the guest bedroom upstairs into a “gaming room” for mostly her fiancé. The objective is to get their computers and desks out of their bedroom and into this space. I have allotted space in the new design for her therapy table and storage for supplies. When we need a bedroom for company, this is where a really nice air bed will be.

Last year, we converted one side of the “jack and jill” bathroom upstairs into a kitchenette for her, and that is working very nicely.

This labor of love (mostly by her Father) has proven to be a real gem for her. You can read about this project here: ⬇️

A kitchenette on the 2nd floor for our spoonie

I love projects like this. a very limited budget, a couple gallons of paint, and some creativity on our part for a functional, zen space.

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